Virtual Boy

Virtual Boy’s stylishly oddball set of influences is what happens when two talented young classical musicians discover their shared passion for dusty vintage synthesizers, new electronic-music genres, classic formalwear, and girls that look like they could star in a ‘60s Godard movie. 

Founders Henry Allen and Preston Walker met freshman year at Chapman University’s Conservatory of Music based in California’s famed Orange County. Henry arrived from his hometown of Albuquerque, New Mexico as a classical guitar virtuoso. Preston, a Southern California native, became part of the Chapman University Choir, with which he toured Italy and sang for Pope Benedict XVI in the Sistine Chapel. But it was when Henry and Preston began composing together in their Music Technology class that their sonic potential revealed itself. Owing as much to Bach and Mozart as they do to Ratatat and evoking Air as much as Nosaj Thing and The Glitch Mob, Virtual Boy developed their own signature sound while producing their weekly composition assignments.