The Flying Skulls

The Flying Skulls are an internationally recognized West Coast production crew that plays improvisational dubstep, grimy breaks, and electro. Their first release on 1320 Records was described by Chromekids as, "A heavyweight collection of nasty synths, wobbly basslines and crunked out glitchy beats so dirty you'd swear they robbed their MPC players off a crack dealer." The crew is the brainchild of Lowpro Lounge co-founder Jeff Wareham (J.Tonal) as a way to bring the precision and flexibility of the recording studio to the dance floor. J.Tonal had been creating music and throwing events in the SF Bay Area for over 9 years, sharing billing with musicians such as Common, DJ Shadow, DJ Krush, Les Claypool, Pretty Lights, STS9, Lotus, Bassnectar, Prefuse 73, The Glitch Mob, Shpongle, and Ott.

The name of their newest release. 'West Coast Bass,' pays tribute to a style of music which has its roots in the IDM and Glitch Hop scenes of the mid 2000's and which the Skulls helped to define. By 2005, the glitchy aspects of IDM had found their way into Hip Hop-influenced tunes crafted by musicians like edIT and Nautilus. As Glitch Hop gained popularity in the club, it ran head-on into the dubstep explosion that hit the West Coast in 2007. The big, wobbly basslines (which dubstep had borrowed from Drum&Bass) were the perfect counter-point to the airy micro-textures of Glitch Hop and were taken on the road by acts such as The Glitch Mob and Bassnectar. As the dubstep frenzy started to wane in 2010, what had washed onto the shore but "West Coast Bass", a potent mix of explosive beats, solid melodic content, and Dubstep-flavored basslines meant to destroy dancefloors and championed by labels such as Muti Music, Simplify, and of course 1320 Records.