St Andrew

Born on the hottest day of the year in the fields of Iowa, St Andrew, aka Andrew Swanson, has had a seemingly meteoric rise to sainthood. Growing up in the Beach Boys soundstage at the Maharishi University of Management in Fairfield, Iowa, Andrew’s musical heritage draws upon an uninhibited love for all styles. Motown, Michael Jackson, Dilla, Daft Punk, Justice, and SebastiAn are the only prerequisite’s to fully understand the aural stylings of St Andrew as he blends his classic hiphop influences with the electro synthpop sound of the 80’s, using his sampling and chopping skills to blend subsonic beats with the wet heat of rural Iowa to create music that will make you break your neck. Utilizing the infinite creative potential of the universe through Transcendental Meditation, it is Andrew’s goal to create genuine bliss from synthetic bass.