Savage Henry

Savage Henry is a twisted new take on the DVJ performance, painting a kaleidoscopic picture where cross-genre dance music paces the chaos of life's movie. Created and performed by SF Bay Area artists James Christopher and Brodie Sullivan, Savage Henry works with an array of artists and producers to create custom sketches and original music videos mixed live on the dancefloor. Henry's stage show combines multiple screens of synchronized visuals with hysterical sound-bite laced songs to move audiences in laughter and dance. All together their show is awed & outrageous... a treat for both the eyeholes AND earholes! That's the savage difference! 

Between the two of them, James & Brodie have performed globally; live and back2back with groups like STS9, Abstract Rude, EOTO, Heavyweight Dub Champion, Gaslamp Killer, Zilla, Bassnectar, DJ Logic, 13 MoonTribe, Black Market Techno, Myka Nyne, Ott and Skream. James Christopher began djing professionally in 1999 and co-founded Lowpro Lounge with J.Tonal (of the Flying Skulls) in 2001. That same year, Brodie came to San Francisco as a designer for Bill Graham productions and soon segued into live video art as vj FWIK.