Rena Jones

After the success of her 3rd solo album “Driftwood”, multi-talented musician, composer, producer, and sound engineer Rena Jones has spent the last 18 months refining and mastering her unique classical take on electronic music in her new full length album: “Indra’s Web”.

In Buddhism and Hinduism, Indra’s Web is a profound metaphor for the structure of reality, representing the interconnectedness and interdependency of all things, describing a rich and diverse universe where infinitely repeated mutual relations exist between all its elements and entities.

Through her composition, Rena creates a musical metaphor of this philosophy exploring a concept of repeated modalities similar to that of Stevie Wonder's "the Secret life of Plants", while skillfully taking full advantage of the capabilities of modern digital sequencing software to create complex and playful glitched out grooves and transcending some of its limitations by using the warmth and depth of analogue sound.
In this concept, she presents different, yet interconnected themes that repeat themselves throughout the album, making it flow as one unique piece of modern classical electronic music.

As a classically trained violinistcellist and composer, with extensive experience in sound engineeringand digital sound design, Rena sets herself among the leading musicians / producers who are breaking the boundaries between live and electronic music. 
For the making of this 4th full length release, Rena really turns things up a notch, from upgrading her studio and gear, to recording new string pieces with musicians of the Chicago New Millennium Orchestra, including Dominic Johnson, former violinist from the band Rachel’s, also known for other similar hybrid collaborations with IDM / Electronica producers Plaid and Hip-Hop Turntableist Dj Spooky.

Mixed by Rena in Justin Phelps’ analogue studio (Dresent DollsAmanda PalmerMars Volta) and mastered by Thomas Dimuzio (Matmos, Tigerbeat 6) this is a release with no compromises, set to please even those with the most refined ears who appreciate the subtler frequencies of both beauty and sound.

Reaching across the realms of Ambient | Downtempo | Glitch | IDM | Nu-gaze | Folktronica | Psychadelic and Classical, “Indra’s Web” also sets the mood for the future sound of “Cartesian Binary Recordings” the newly born record label created and managed by Rena Jones.

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