The music of FuzZ blends face-slapping bleeps with insulting bass lines and evil arpeggios in a mad swirling concoction of Electro, Dubstep, Hip Hop, Funk and Psychedelia for high wattage stereo systems. His debut EP “Crepes In Your DVD Drive” dropped on 1320 records in 2009.

FuzZ is  making a buzz, catching the attention of BBC Radio1 DJ Mary Anne Hobbs who shouted him out on her show alongside fellow classmates St Andrew and Virtual Boy. This wasn't the first time he made a blip on her influential radar though, as FuzZ was also interviewed by Mary Anne as part of her West Coast Rocks special in early 2009, celebrating Low End Theory, the club he'd been documenting for years.

FuzZ is David Streit, one third of the infamous LA based production company, Greenlab Cinema. David entered the music community in Los Angeles through the lens of a 24p video camera, doing independent video work with the likes of Cut Chemist, the Free Moral Agents, and Peanut Butter Wolf. For the last two years, he has been working on the much-anticipated "Low End Theory Documentary", capturing performances from the Mars Volta, Flying Lotus, The Glitch Mob, Nosaj Thing, Gaslamp Killer and Daedelus. At Low End, a plethora of electronic music luminaries taught David countless lessons about electronic noise, including the power of bass.

At school, while pursuing his film degree at Chapman University, David simultaneously developed his musical education, making beats during every spare moment. Honing his skills by completing weekly composition assignments in an electronic music class taught by Steve Nalepa (Nalepa, Bass Science), David learned the ins and out of production from a steady stream of guests that included Nosaj Thing, Lorn, and Boreta of The Glitch Mob. Over the course of the semester,David soaked up this new knowledge and began to blossom as a producer. Starting off crafting futuristic experimental hip-hop made for headphones, David slowly evolved his sound into a combination of funky lazers, heavy bass and sonic mayhem designed for the dance floor.

With the release of his new EP and a slamming Nalepa Sunflowers Remix, FuzZ’s music explodes onto the dance circuit, sure to cause drink stains all over that new dress.