Alex B

Years of focused time in the studio and relentless touring all over the world have earned Alex his due recognition, with hype surrounding the rising producer growing daily. To call Elm&Oak a record label would be as over simplistic as calling Alex B’s productions "beats". Elm&Oak is a creative hub for web design, graphic design, clothing, graffiti, photography and event promotion, all of which Alex is actively involved in.

Those familiar with Alex B already know that he tends to take a layered approach to everything, especially his music. The tracks on Moments are intricately crafted with painstaking care and attention to detail -- a careful mix of analog and digital sounds elevated by imaginative samples and the insight of a classically trained musician. The result is a blend of timeless warmth and future beats that is as easily adaptable to introspective time with one’s headphones as it is to group mania on a mobbed dance floor.