Audio Angel


Audio Angel (Rashida Clendening) is in love with music. Whether performing or not, she's been known to become downright anti-social in the midst of clubs and parties because her attention has always been THE MUSIC. She is heralded by musical lovers globally, because her focus while singing and emceeing is the same, THE MUSIC. With almost 3 decades under her feet, and 2 decades on the mic, her greatest days as an underground music lover still lay ahead because she focuses on staying perpetually inspired by the multitude of styles and talent surrounding her.

Audio Angel is in love with all STYLES of music. So much, that she often answers the question "What style do you like to sing to most?" with an exuberant "Yes!" A standout moment thus far was having the honor of being an Artist-At-Large for High Sierra Music Festival, which resulted in rocking 16 different sets of mainly unrehearsed sit-ins. A dream come true!

2016 has brought MANY changes, shifting her focus from performing/recording as much as possible to ONLY when she feels it is the best fit for all involved. One of those times recently was when Zach from STS9 reached out about recording for their latest album, "The Universe Inside". With their history of live shows together and a powerfully educational recording experience collaborating on “Artifact” … She knew it was a fit. Saying yes resulted in collaborating on several tracks, with her featured vocals on "Sun Moon & Stars".

Audio Angel is overjoyed to be a part of the 1320 Family for almost 15 years now. Working with artists like James Christopher, Chron4 & The Flying Skulls shaped the performer she is today. Along with these badasses you may have caught her with in the recent past: The Jazz Mafia (Jazz/Funk), The Motown on Monday DJs (Motown & More), Planet Booty (Dance), Vinyl (Soul), Franco Nero (Ska), The Funk Revival Orchestra (Funk), Quiet Time (Folk w/ Dan Brennan aka Professor Bang) & Ex-Pyramids (Electronic w/ Drummer Extraordinaire Mike Reed). She’s grateful to have held residency with multiple crews and parties throughout the West Coast and performed with hundreds of DJs & musicians throughout the world.

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