The Universe Inside is OUT NOW!

The Universe Inside is OUT NOW!

We are one, made of stardust and the forces of nature that evolved over billions of years. Connected by the sun, moon and stars, we are the living breathing conscience of the Universe.

This is the message reflected in The Universe Inside, an album about human identity and the magical truth of who we are, where we’re going, and our place in the Universe. It’s about the joy and pain of being human, and the hope that one day, with the help of a common origin story, we can become a global civilization and cosmic society--a society that embraces each other and the vast cultures of Earth as one human race, transcending man-made concepts that keep us apart.


The Universe Inside Merch + Mission Control Pack


We have brand new shirts, leggings, tank tops and much more new gear in our online store + The Mission Control Pack featuring limited edition & exclusive items unavailable anywhere else for our most cosmically equipped fans...

Voyager Astrocase*
Large, heavy-duty and high-end Pelican-style STS9 waterproof case with 17”x11.5”x6” of internal space. Use for storing and transporting your instruments, electronics, computers, and shuttle manuals.

Mission Control Device*
Part art and part function – these one-of-a-kind units, designed by Chris McDowell and David Phipps of SuperSynthesis, are actual synthesizers that allow you to bend pitch and tone using FM synthesis with 8-bit delay. If there's life out there, this just might be the way to communicate with it.

Universe Inside Album Pin
Hand-painted hat pin featuring Gyorgy Doczi's 'Open Hands' design, comes with a hidden surprise – a tiny 16GB USB 3.0 in the back, pre-loaded with:
*The Universe Inside in 24-bit HiDef WAV + 16-bit WAV + 320k MP3
*SuperCluster video
*Album Art
*Band Photos

Golden Record*
Large heavyweight gold medallion collectible features the NASA Golden Record on one side and 'Open Hands' on the other.

Intergalactic VIP Laminate*
Must be displayed before entering the flight deck.

Space Suit Patch*
Show the world that you're on a mission.

Interstellar Traveler Postcard Set*
Four postcard set featuring album photography to send back to your friends on Earth.

Solar "Flair" Packs*
Decorate your ship with two 5”x7” pages of STS9 stickers for fans of all ages.

Geomagnetic Storm Bandanas
Keep out the space dust! Featuring 'Open Hands' art and album track listing.

Deep Space Album Poster*
16”x8” and Double-sided.

Stencil - "STS9 – The Universe Inside"*
Leave your mark, like a footprint on the moon...

The Universe Inside – CD
Collector’s Edition CD in custom 3-D packaging, designed by Pilar Zeta.

The Universe Inside – Digital Download
You’ll get The Universe Inside, delivered automatically to your inbox.

* These items are STS9 Mission Control Pack exclusives!
***all Mission Control Packs will ship approximately Sept 30th